Code of Conduct for Students

1. The College is open to all students with requisite qualification for admission without distinction of caste or creed.
2. Online admission of a candidate is made by considering the marks obtained by the candidates in the qualifying examination as well as his/her performance in the interview
3. Admissions are made on the clear understanding that those who are admitted willfully accept the rules and regulations in force in the College or which may be framed from time to time not with standing that these rules are not incorporated in the University regulations or not prescribed by other College.
4. Admissions to the College are made on year to year basis and students are required to apply for admission at the commencement of every academic year to continue their studies in the College.
5. Students will not be admitted to the College again for the succeeding year unless their attendance, progress and conduct during the previous year have been satisfactory.
6. Admissions made to the College are provisional, subject to the approval of the University.
7. The Principal may refuse admission to any student without giving reasons.ode of Conduct for students. Students are required to maintain the highest standards of behaviour and discipline both inside and outside the College.
8. They shall strictly observe the disciplinary rules framed by the College or which may be framed from time to time. Noncompliance of these rules will be dealt with by the Principal in the manner he considers fit and his decision will be final in such matters.
9. Students must wear the prescribed college uniform.
10. Every student is expected to wish the members of the staff when he meets them on the first occasion for the day.
11. On ringing of the first bell, students shall assemble in the classrooms and wait silently for the Lecturer. On the Lecturer entering the classroom, students shall rise and remain standing till they are asked to sit.
12. The morning session begins with a prayer in the classrooms at 9.30 a. m.
13. No student shall enter the class or leave the class without the permission of the Lecturer.
14. Students having no classes shall not loiter in the verandah but are expected to spend the time usefully in the library.
15. Aimless loitering in the Corridors will be seriously dealt with and such students shall be punished by way of loss of attendance.
16. Every class is in-charge of an Academic Advisor who keeps a close watch on the students' attendance, progress and conduct and looks after their general welfare.
17. Every student is provided with a Cumulative Record which should be brought to the College on all days.

18. Irregular in attendance, indifference in regard to class work, test and examinations, discourtesy towards the teachers insubordination, obscenity in words and act, willful damage to College or Hostel property, anti-social activities etc., are liable for disciplinary action which includes expulsion from the College.
19. Attendance at the College functions, Association meetings, College Assembly etc., is obligatory to all students.
20. The College property shall be handled with care and nothing shall be done to damage it. In case of damage to any building, furniture, apparatus or any other property of the College or Hostel, the damage will be charged to student or students known to be immediately concerned, but if the persons who cause the damage are unknown the cost of repairing may be collected equally from the students in the College or Hostel. Students are strictly prohibited from smoking in the premises of the College, the Hostel, in the Playgrounds, street and public places.
21. Students who do not live with their parents or guardians must live in the College Hostel or lodging approved by the Principal.
22. The students should keep free from party or communal politics and should maintain a harmonious relationship with everyone.
23. Without the permission of the Principal, students shall not organize any activity or associate with any group not connected with the College.
24. Without the permission of the Principal, students shall not organize any tour, picnic or outings. Private unauthorized picnics and tours by the students are strictly prohibited.
25. No meetings shall be convened, no person shall be invited to address the students, no publication shall be issued and no canvassing or mobilizing the student for any particular opinion or action will be allowed without the permission of the Principal.
26. Participation in political agitation or demonstrations or strike of any kind is strictly prohibited. Students indulging in such activities will be summarily dismissed.
27. The Principal in consultation with the College governing Council shall have the power to rusticate any student from the College if, in the opinion of the Council, the student is guilty of misconduct or the student's presence in the College is injurious to order and discipline.
28. All the students shall attend all the College functions and meetings without fail.
29. Use of mobile phone in the premises of the college campus is strictly prohibited.
30. Ragging of any kind (mental/physical) is strictly prohibited. Strigent actions will be taken up against such of the students in accordance with the direction of the Humble Supreme Court of India (vide letter UGC.No. F.1-8/2006-CPP-II dtd.16-05-2008)
31. College Uniform is compulsory to all the students.



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