Bhuvanendra College, Karkala, is an Arts, Science and Commerce college founded in 1960 and affiliated to the Mangalore University. The management of the College is vested in Sri Bhuvanendra College Trust, a registered body and nominated by the Academy of General Education, Manipal.

The set goal is to frame, organize and to execute a specific methodology in order to provide quality education under the umbrella of Sri Bhuvanendra College Trust.


Blessed by His Holiness Srimath Bhuvanendra Thirtha Swamiji of Kashi Mutt, visualized by Padmashree Dr. T.M.A, Pai, the architect of modern Manipal, steered by the enlightened Trustees of Sri Bhuvanendra College, Karkala, Sri Bhuvanendra College has taken its birth in the year 1960 in the midst of lavish and serene nature’s greenery overlooking the imposing range of western ghats.

Vision of founder

Divinity of the saint and sublimity of the nature have rendered the campus a balanced blending of an ideal surrounding meant for the all round development of the young in their formative years. Located not far from the town, (1 Km) the campus has the advantage of fresh breeze and an unpolluted life necessary for healthy body and healthy mind of the young and the innocent.

An unimaginably vast stretch of land measuring about 14 acres within the municipal limits of Karkala has been the legacy of the late Prof. K. Damodar Kini, the founder principal of Sri Bhuvanendra College due to his distant farsightedness prompted by dedicated determination to enlarge the message of Sri Bhuvanendra. The land could accommodate and enrich the infrastructure such as open air theatre, hostels, full pledged indoor stadium, etc., and could provide abundant scope for future growth of the college.

Campus and its Location

Situated in one of the most beautiful out-skirts of Karkala about a K.M. from the town, the College has an atmosphere quite congenial for studies and inviting for a worthy living away from the buzz of the town. The picturesque natural surroundings pulsating with the dynamic and positive spirit of an ashram of the days that have gone by, make this place an ideal centre for university education.

Academic Excellence

The Good results that the College has secured in the University examinations and the innumerable ranks which it has incessantly bagged, brings the College a permanent inscription in the academic map of Mangalore University. The heavy rush for the admission every year, reflects in ample measure the high reputation that this college enjoys in the academic world and the confidence it has created in the minds of students and parents.

Padmashree Dr. T. M. A. Pai

Dr. T. M. A. Pai (April 30, 1898 – May 29, 1978)- the wizard of Manipal, is the visionary whose far sightedness has transformed a barren tiny village into a productive megatown with its thrust on health, ignorance and poverty.

Dr. Pai’s message of hope to the poor, the desperate and the deprived is loud and clear. The saga of the growth of Manipal under Dr. T. M. A. Pai with its international dimension is a monumental phenomenon

Manipal today is an educational hub which attracts students from over 55 nationalities. This monumental phenomenon testifies the spirit of dynamism that all institutions of Dr. T.M.A. Pai embrace

Dr. Pai has also been recognized by Ripley’s Believe It or Not as the person who has established the most number of educational institutions in his lifetime.

Bhuvanendra instills quality and discipline in students

The College has always been trying to improve the quality of education through experimentation and innovations. The classroom work is supplemented by library reading and seminars. A continuous assessement of the students is made through regular home assignments, class tests and terminal examination. The students in each class are entrusted to the care of an Academic Advisor who guides them by formulating the educational programmes throughout the year. A Cumulative Record is maintained by every students forms a dependable record of the student’s progress, conduct and attendance. The students’ Council comprising of the representatives of all classes forms a useful consultative body to seek the views of the students on matters that concern their studies and well-being.

High Standards and Healthy Practices

The college has maintained the highest educational standards. It is evident not only in the physical facilities provided to the staff and students for work and study but their willingness to improve the quality of the performance by hard and sustained efforts. Selective admission, encouragement for independent study, effective tutorial system, and continuous evaluation are some of the practical measures that are adopted in this College for improving the quality of education. The College has grown into a worthy institution dedicated to the task of spreading university education and has built fine traditions of hard work and discipline. It is no wonder that the College is acknowledged as one of the best Colleges in the country.

Karkala : The Wonderland”

The name ‘Karkala’ is said to have originated from two words “Kari” and “Kallu” which in vernacular mean “Black” and “Stone”. Rightly, Karkala is endowed with rich rocky mounds and vast granite sheets. Man and nature have meticulously carved out a picturesque township rich with cultural and architectural heritage such as the Monolithic statue of Bahubali (Gomateshwara), Chaturmukha (four faced) Basadi, Manastambha at Hiriangadi, Ananthashayana shrine – all works of art on granite. Ramasamudra, the perennial lake, Anekere, a smaller one, in the heart of the town along with prestine landscape all around, have presented an enchanting place with a population of nearly 25000.

Placed in between Mangalore (55 Kms) and Manipal-Udupi (39 Kms), Karkala has a strategic location with a vast network of roads connecting various places of interest like Agumbe, Kudremukh, Sringeri, Moodbidri, Dharmasthala and others. Down the ages Karkala has been comparatively quiet and peaceful with religious tolerance and communal harmony.

Karkala Sri Venkatramana Temple is the focus of not only religious functions and celebrations covering the town from one end to the other but also the centre of architectural marvels as seen in the pillars of the temple carved by the late shilpi Sri Ranjal Gopal Shenoy. The temple has generously handed over an inspiring and pious campus ‘Sri Srinivasa Ashram’ – an area of 17 acres to promote the cause of education, where Sri Bhuvanendra College has been located in an atmosphere of tranquillity.

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