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Vivekananda Mens Hostel

Dr. Madhava Pai Mens Hostel

Hostel Facilities

Sri Bhuvanendra College has excellent hostel facilities for boys and girls drawn from not only in and around the State but from foreign countries.

The hostels are free from ragging and other menaces thus ensuring peaceful, undisturbed, and healthy living.

Our College has three beautiful and well-maintained hostels –two for boys and one for girls accommodating 329&303degree and PUC students respectively. In Dr. T. Madhava Pai Vidyarthi  Nikethan there are 110 very well furnished rooms that provide accommodation for 300 boys and the Vivekananda Hostel accommodates 100 boys. In Sharada Sadan, accommodation is provided for 275 girls. Thus the College is providing accommodation for 625 students in all.

The hostel mess is run on a ‘no loss-no profit’ basis and provides tasty and healthy food. Hostels have an ideal atmosphere to pursue academic work and develop a personality.

Staff members and the wardens look after the students with the utmost care and discipline.

The hostel students make campus life meaningful by attending almost all the activities of the college. Though they come from different places with varied backgrounds, here they learn to live together and attain academic excellence. Their participation in Moral & Spiritual camp & Srimad Bhuvanendra Day is worth mentioning.

I am grateful to the main wardens and residential wardens for their sincere & devoted service.

Things to be brought by students

Daily wear Handkerchiefs Bath towel
Bucket Mug Tooth Paste
Tooth Brush Tounge Cleaner Nail Cutter
All Season Hawai Slipper Shoe Polish Umbrella
Bath Room Slipper Mosquito Net Suit Case
Shoe Shine Brush School Bag Air Bag
Torch will cells Water Bottle Bath Soap
Bed Sheet ( 2) Bed Spread (2) Washing Soap
Hair Oil Comb
Inland letters with proper self-address

Remember the Following

Eatables are not allowed.
Collarless/Written T-shirts are not allowed.
Sleeveless dresses are not allowed.
Mini dresses are not allowed.
The articles other than mentioned in the right will not be permitted.
Any change in address for correspondence, Mobile Number of the parent / Guardian, and Landline Number should be intimated to the school without fail.
Ensure that the student is not processing mobiles or any electronic gadgets

Hostel Timing

Period Morning Period Evening
05-30  Rise 04-10 To 04-30 Refreshment
05-45 To 05-55  Prayer 04-30 To 05-30 Games
06-00 To 06-30 Exercise/ Yoga 06-00 To 06-15 Prayer
06-40 To 07-30 Bath & Change 06-15 To 08-15 Study
07-30 To 08-15 Study 08-15 To 09-00 Dinner
08-15 Break Fast 9-00 to 11-00 Study
08-35 College 11-00 Lights Off

Rules and Regulations of Hostel


1 The inmates shall not deal with the Hostel staff directly, However, they are free to give their opinions/suggestion to the Warden.
2 The Hostellers are not permitted to leave the hostel and go out without the prior approval of the Warden.
3 The Hostellers must maintain absolute silence and engage themselves in studies in their respective rooms after their class hours.
4 No Hosteller shall enter or leave the Hostel premises after 7-00 p. m. in the Men’s Hostel / 6-00 p. m. in the Women’s Hostel.
5 Smoking and drinking liquor, playing cards, and other unhealthy habits are strictly prohibited and considered indiscipline and punishable.
6 A Hosteller will be sent out of the Hostel for irregularity in studies, cutting classes, etc.
7 Hostellers are not Allowed to accommodate or entertain any guests or friends to the Hostel or premises.
8 If the inmates are found using a tape recorder with high volume, Immersion coil, or any electrical appliance, the same may be seized by the authority.
9 A Hosteller will be summarily dismissed from the Hostel without any enquiry if He/She is found guilty of misconduct.
10 Stringent action will be taken against those who write on the walls /study tables/books or those who spoil mattresses.
11 Cases of illness should immediately be reported to the Warden who will take up the necessary arrangement for the medical treatment.
12 Any Hosteller is found wasting water or electricity, will be penalized severely.
13 Any physical or mental torture to their fellow students or resident students or ragging in any form will be severely dealt with which may include dismissal from the institution.
14 Mattresses are provided on a rental basis for one year. However, it is obligatory for the Vivekananda Hostel.
15 The caution deposit should be claimed within three years from the date of joining, otherwise, it will lapse of its own as it will be written off.
16 The Hostel authorities reserve the right to add or amend any of these rules.
17 Parents are expected to attend the parent-teacher meetings organized in the school whenever they are invited for the same, (usually on the reopening day in June & after midterm vacation)
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