Founders Of Sri Bhuvanendra College

Founder Principal Late. Prof. K. Damodara Kini

He has served as Principal par excellence for 28 years (1960-1987) and established a tradition of discipline and academic commitment in the college.

Other eminent personalities who have served as Principals are-

  • Prof. A.Narayana Acharya
  • Prof. K.B.Neelavar
  • Prof. G.N.Bhat
  • Major S.Ravindra Malli
  • Lt. Cdr. S.Govinda Prabhu
  • Prof. B.Padmanabha Gowda
  • Prof. Y. Panduranga Nayak
  • Dr. P. Venkataramana Gowda
  • Dr. Manjunatha A Kotian

Vision of Founder

The divinity of the saint and sublimity of nature have rendered the campus a balanced blending of an ideal surrounding meant for the all-round development of the young in their formative years. Located not far from the town, (1 Km) the campus has the advantage of fresh breeze and an unpolluted life necessary for a healthy body and healthy mind of the young and the innocent.

An unimaginably vast stretch of land measuring about 14 acres within the municipal limits of Karkala has been the legacy of the late Prof. K. Damodar Kini, the founder principal of Sri Bhuvanendra College. Due to his distant farsightedness prompted by a dedicated determination to enlarge the message of Sri Bhuvanendra. The land could accommodate and enrich the infrastructure such as open-air theatre, hostels, full-pledged indoor stadium, etc., and could provide abundant scope for the future growth of the college.

Padmashree Dr. T. M. A. Pai

Dr. T. M. A. Pai (April 30, 1898 –  May 29, 1978) The wizard of Manipal, is the visionary whose far sightedness has transformed a barren tiny village into a productive megatown with its thrust on health, ignorance and poverty.

Dr. Pai’s message of hope to the poor, the desperate and the deprived is loud and clear. The saga of the growth of Manipal under the leadership of Dr. T.M. A. Pai with his international dimension is a monumental phenomenon.

Manipal today is an educational hub which attracts students from over 55 nationalities. This monumental phenomenon testifies the spirit of dynamism that all institutions of Dr. T.M.A. Pai embrace

Dr. Pai has also been recognized by Ripley’s “Believe It or Not” as the person who has established the most number of educational institutions in his lifetime.

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